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April Krampotich, Photographer

Photography isn't just a picture; it is the life, the love, and the journey that makes it beautiful art...

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! 

I want to introduce myself.  I’m April, and most likely, just like you, I am a mother, daughter, and dear friend. When I am not in sessions, I love to camp with family, bake, and do crafts with my daughter. I have been photographing newborns, infants, seniors, and families for over 14 years, establishing and branding AppleTree Photography in July 2012. 

My journey through photography came from a deep passion for the beauty of life, collecting the tid-bits and telling a story! Today I am a mom myself, and through that, my eyes have opened even wider and my heart even larger.  This helps me to encompass the love I set out to capture in every session.  I adore people and conversation, and it is not unlikely that at the end of the session I won’t feel like hugging you! 

I remember first starting out, and how I would go into a session and hope that I would get the best shots, use the best exposure etc. I was always so focused on the technicalities  rather than understanding it is sooo much more than that. Today, I find myself entering my sessions with a joyful heart, eager to deliver an experience rather than a product.  I want you to walk away with memories in your heart as well as memories on your wall. You can expect to feel right at home as we share in your special moments! After all, you choosing me to document these milestones, well, it means the world to me!! I’m so blessed to be living my best life, doing what I love, and teaching others along the way! That is because of clients like you!

Cheers! April 


April Krampotich

Behind the scenes - April Krampotich